FEDERATE Background

As the automotive industry faces tremendous challenges in addressing decarbonization through electrification, developing future solutions for inclusive, safe and affordable mobility. Many of these changes require a radical re-thinking of existing development processes, with the share of software in modern mobility solutions continuously increasing. The risingimportance of the software layer results in the so-called software-defined vehicle (SDV). Automotive software will be developed and adapted in continuous cycles. Therefore, an abstraction from the underlying hardware needs to be

implemented. As a result, the automotive industry is transitioning to an agile software development process. The dramatic increase of software and complexity, along with the advances of international competition in this domain, calls for an approach, in which non-differentiating software is developed jointly as open source. To address these challenges, the EU, together with industry, governments, and research institutions, have launched the European SDV Ecosystem. 

After the conclusions of the 29 November workshop with DG CONNECT and follow-up consultations, a Focus Topic on software-defined vehicle was proposed, approved and launched under the Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking to support first related actions. A call for two first actions closed on 3 May 2023. 

To turn ideas into reality, FEDERATE was granted under the Call HORIZON-KDT-JU-2023-3-CSA-IA to outline the vision and activities for a Coordination and Support Action. FEDERATE (Software- Defined Vehicle Support and Coordination Project) aims to bring together all relevant stakeholders to accelerate the development of an SDV Ecosystem, to foster a vibrant European community and orchestrate the SDV R&D&I activities.

You can find more information on Concept Paper on an open European software-defined vehicle platform here: 

Read more: https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/library/concept-paper-open-european-software-defined-vehicle-platform

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