SDV Community

What is the SDV Community?

Entirety of people and institutions involved to create an SDV Ecosystem for software-defined vehicles.

All relevant Research and Innovation Actions for the necessary new hardware components (SDV hardware ecosystem) as well as relevant Research and Innovation Actions for the necessary software components (SDV software ecosystem and SDV software applications) will be summarized under the European SDV Ecosystem program. This shall be accompanied by building a vibrant European SDV community, which shall be supported by activities planned in FEDERATE such as the SDV Ecosystem forum.

Contribution by FEDERATE to SDV Community

  • The FEDERATE project derives a common understanding (glossary) and wording and forwards it to the SDV community.
  • By organizing workshops, hackathons and conferences, the FEDERATE project brings the different SDV groups together in order to orchestrate the development of the modular building blocks for the SDV Ecosystem. The coordination of stakeholders and topics accelerates the ramp up of jointly worked out solutions in the SDV Ecosystem.
  • The FEDERATE project encourages stakeholders to close identified gaps in the SDV Ecosystem since having an overview of the whole list of building blocks.

As a result, the SDV Ecosystem program will provide standardization suggestions for jointly worked out solutions.

  • The project  precedes and assists other upcoming projects by continuously capturing information and requirements, identifying needs and building consensus on relevant topics.
  • FEDERATE project supports the community by providing a roadmap on how to create non-differentiating building blocks of an open SDV Ecosystem.
  • The SDV Ecosystem program, consisting of the FEDERATE project and the community of stakeholders, identifies issues, missing building blocks and technology developments in collaboration.
  • The project will encourage the community to collaborate actively and focus on research, development and innovation activities. SDV conferences will be arranged in synergy with Eclipse to enable a collaborative and active SDV community.

As a result, an active contribution by the stakeholders will lead to a vivid open-source community, attracting other members to join.

  • The FEDERATE project fosters a vibrant SDV community in Europe by encouraging OEMs, Tiers, the semiconductor industry, policy makers, the scientific community, industry associations and other stakeholders to develop common pre-competitive approaches, discuss issues and clarify ambiguities.
  • FEDERATE promotes the exchange by organizing workshops, hackathons, and conferences.

The active exchange will enable the identification of gaps in the map of building blocks and missing solutions. By capturing prioritized issues, FEDERATE will also address urgent needs to the European Commission.