About the company
Virtual Vehicle Research GmbH is Europe’s largest R&D centre for virtual vehicle technology. Following this focus on industry-related research ,VIRTUAL VEHICLE is the innovation catalyst for future vehicle technologies. The international partner network of VIRTUAL VEHICLE consists of around 100 national and international industrial partners as well as over 40 national and international scientific institutions.
Based on the background, that VIF has, its’ network and expertise, in FEDERATE, VIF leads the collection of high-level requirements solicitation and the management of a Scientific Board composed with the prominent experts on SDV of all over Europe. These activities are essential to identify basic building blocks of a Software Defined Vehicle and to align them with the high-level stakeholder requirements to be captured. VIF acts as Lead Beneficiary of WP2 (Technology and high-level requirements solicitation) and leader of T2.1 (High-level requirement solicitation).