About the company
VDI/VDE-IT Innovation + Technik GmbH, based in Berlin, is a R&I funding agency as well as a service and consulting firm working for various federal and state ministries, the European Commission as well as business and industry. The focus is on social and technical challenges in the areas of digitalization, demographic change, human-technology interaction, mobility, electronics, health and education as well as questions of innovation policy. With around 1,000 employees, the company is an interface between politics and administration, business and research. It organizes research funding for ministries, prepares studies on innovations and technology on behalf of the government, and operates offices for networks, platforms and programs. It also takes part in European funded projects. The shareholders of the company, founded in 1978, are the Association of German Engineers (VDI) and the Association of Electrical Engineering Electronics Information Technology e. V. (VDE).

VDI/VDE-IT performs tasks for the public as well as the private sectors and has therefore taken organizational precautions that allow the tasks in the proposed project to be performed free of possible conflicts of interest. These precautions are based on ISO certifications 9001 for quality management and 27001 for information security and are regularly reviewed.
VDI/VDE supportes FEDERATE with financial, legal, and administrative project management aspects. Furthermore, it is responsible for T1.2 (Project Risk Management), T4.3 (Create and update roadmap for realization of vision of SDV Ecosystem program) and acts as an additional partner involved in WP3 (Common Undferstanding). It also acts an operative partner in WP4 (Strategic recommnedations), T4.2 (Alignment recommendations for future calls). VDI/VDE is a Lead Beneficiary of WP5 (Ecosystem building & dissemination) also leading T5.1 (Creation of an Open SDV Ecosystem Forum), T5.2 (Organization of community solicitation workshops), T5.6 (Data management plan) and T5.7 (Quality assurance and consistency check for key reports).