About the company
Metis Baltic is a dissemination and commercialization expert, specializing in research and innovation projects. From all the projects that Metis Baltic takes on, health, mobility, civil security, and climate change projects take center stage. They have a background in working with European Commission projects, financed under Horizon 2020, ECSEL JU, Marie Skłodowska-Curie and other programs and initiatives. ​As an experienced dissemination coordinator, Metis Baltic develops and implements communication and dissemination strategy and plan that is geared towards increasing project`s impact even after its final stage. As commercialization coordinators – Metis Baltic performs market and consumer acceptance research, which ensures smooth entrance of the product or service to the market.
In FEDERATE, METIS is leading T5.3 (European SDV Conference) and is responsible for organization of the (annual) European SDV conferences, taking stock on latest R&I activities and policy developments. It also leads T5.5 (Dissemination and communication activities, incl. tools and materials) and contributes to FEDERATE visibility and supports the impact generation of the project and its results.