About the company
TTTech Auto strengths in SDV area: Driving Software, Driving Safety: TTTech Auto provides solutions that guarantee the highest continuous safety and security for the software-defined vehicle. TTTech Auto specializes in software, hardware and services for driver assistance and autonomous mobility. TTTech Auto innovative technology is series-proven in millions of vehicles worldwide. In addition, it coordinates the HAL4SDV KDT-JU proposal with the goal of jointly research & develop the hardware abstraction layer as part and contribution of the planned SDV initiative results.
TTTech Auto AG contributes to WP 3 supporting the analysis of requirements for defining the new or modified building blocks and interfaces between them. It is also involved in subgroup of strategic partners (Tiers & Tool providors). In addition, it contributes to investigating other related RDI projects for existing technologies and such under development in such RDI projects to combine and join forces with such other initiatives. TTTech Auto also supports the standardization activities conducted by FEDERATE. TTTech Auto will also endeavor to establish the communication link to HAL4SDV in case of a positive funding decision by the KDT-JU/Chips-JU.