About the company
Bosch has wide-ranging expertise across the entire vehicle life cycle and customer journey. From the concept, design, and development phases all the way to operation, Bosch knowledge encompasses the entire stack of semiconductors to system and software functions to digital services, and customer-specific solutions for software-defined mobility. Through strong partnership and an open-source mindset, Bosch promotes dynamic collaboration in every respect. This approach accelerates development, encourages highly efficient cooperation, and enables software solutions to be created that meet the changing requirements of the mobility industry.
Within the scope of FEDERATE, Bosch mainly contributes to create a common understanding of the relevant SDV building blocks. This does not only cover an industry-wide aligned definition of building blocks but also orchestration of current and future RDI projects and initiatives to pursue a joint roadmap. It is involved, as additional partner, in WP3 (Common Understanding) and as a strategic partner in subgroup of Tiers & Tool providers.