About the company
Strengths in SDV area: FZI’s interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to research in the SDV field, ranging from autonomous driving algorithms over software and systems engineering, including middleware, E/E architectures and electronic platforms, down to the implementation and experimentation in test vehicles on open roads; consideration of SDV on a broader scope, from cloud to vehicle to edge/IoT infrastructure Utilization of real-labs such as the FZI House of Living Labs (HoLL) Living Lab Future Mobility and the Test Area for Autonomous driving Baden-Württemberg (TAF-BW) whose future evolution is driven by FZI Close collaboration with industry in different project settings Broad activity in SDV-related networks such as the CCAM Partnership, ASAM, AUTOSAR, Car2Car Consortium, the Clusters for Electromobility South-West (ESW) and Fuel Cell BW (FZ-BW), co-initiator of the Network Intelligent Move on Digital Mobility
FZI’s Role in FEDERATE project: Dr. Alexander Viehl is a part of the scientific board in FEDERATE, contribution to technology and high-level requirements solicitation, as well as to technology tracking and gap analysis, providing specific insights to planned, ongoing and finished German research projects related to SDV requirements and technology innovations and outcomes as well as lead of T3.3 on Identification of new standardization initiatives for successfully implemented building blocks.