FEDERATE Networking Event

FEDERATE Networking Event

We invite you to register to the FEDERATE Networking Event which will be held on Monday 23rd  September 2024 (9:30 am -5:00 pm CET) @TTTech Auto AG, Operngasse 17-21, 1040 in Vienna, Austria.

Preliminary Agenda:

  • Introduction of the European Software-Defined Vehicle of the Future initiative, FEDERATE, HAL4SDV
  • Presentations of SDV projects
  • Motivation of the European Commission
  • Presentations of SDV initiatives
  • Networking Exchange

This event will take place in conjunction with “The Autonomous 2024 Main Event” which will be held on the 24th September 2024 in Vienna, Austria.

The FEDERATE Networking Event on the 23rd September 2024 is free of charge.

Registration for “The Autonomous 2024 Main Event” on the 24th September 2024 needs to be done separately (get tickets).

However, participants of the FEDERATE Networking Event will get a discount code along with the registration confirmation.

Last Registration Day for the FEDERATE Networking Event –  August 30th, 2024

The final agenda will be shared with you closer to the event date.