FEDERATE @TRA 2024 and EUCAD Symposium in Dublin

FEDERATE partners have participated in Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2024 on 15-18 April, which brought experts from around the world to Ireland to discuss the newest innovations and the future of transport and mobility.

In conjunction to TRA – interactive EUCAD Symposium 2024 was attended by FEDERATE where the number of OEMs, representatives of public authorities and European Commission and CCAM projects joined the event dedicated for connected autonomous vehicles and more connected road network in Europe.

EUCAD Symposium 2024 attracted more than 150 participants and included panel discussion with Armin Gräter (CCAM Partnership Chair, Director of Digitalisation & Automated Driving for BMW Group), Signe Ratso (Director-general of Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission), Ryota Shirato (Senior Vice President, ITS Japan) and Brian Cronin (Program Director of the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office US).

The speakers stressed the necessity for collaboration among Original Equipment Manufacturers, road, and telecom operators to create a common roadmap. Furthermore, the critical importance of alignment on priorities for deployment across regions, on the needs and priorities for modernizing the EU road network, on taxonomy and roles for remote management operations were highlighted during both events.

Finally, EUCAD Symposium 2024 attendees had an opportunity to attend networking reception and exchange information and contacts as well as to participate in projects poster exhibition where FEDERATE took its place together with CCAM projects.

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